Andrew Churches

Andrew Churches is a classroom teacher and ICT enthusiast. He passionately believes that to prepare our students for the future, we must prepare them for change by teaching them to question and think, and to adapt and modify. He teaches at Kristin School on Auckland’s North Shore, a school with a mobile computing program that encourages students to employ personal mobile devices and laptops in their work.

Andrew is also the Vice President of the Global Digital Citizen Foundation, and co-author of several books including The Digital DietThe Apps for Learning Series, and the best-selling book, Literacy is Not Enough.

Outside of school, Andrew is an outdoor instructor and an adventure enthusiast. He enjoys sharing and presenting his work, research, thoughts and musings. He is an edublogger, tweeter, wiki author, and innovator. He contributes regularly to a number of websites and blogs including TechLearning, Spectrum educational magazine, and the Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s blog, as well as his own Edorigami blog.

Tweets and Testimonials

“Just finished with Andrew Churches’ breakout at ULearn. Really interesting and great value!” – Scott H.

“I rate Andrew Churches presentation a 12 out of 10 and that is no surprise!!!” – Mick P.

“What stands outs so far @#ulearn09 – Andrew Churches. Cheers guys” – Tina W.

“Excellent – looking through new lenses (I will visit your website and encourage others to do the same)” – Workshop Participant

“Topic very relevant to our learners today and more importantly – to the teachers.” – Workshop Participant

“@AnnaSFink: This guys funny! Perfect for end of day #slide2learn” @achurches is very funny man. Watch tho he packs punch after every laugh. – Workshop Participant

“Relevant, great content,thought provoking presentation.” – Workshop Participant

“Very relevant and innovative, the interaction in the course really helped to discuss and explore ideas further.” – Workshop Participant

Nicole Sprainger @NicoleSprainger: Engaging AND entertaining keynote @achurches – Workshop Participant

“Excellent – food for thought, can’t wait to put to practice in the classroom.” – Workshop Participant

Michael Graffin @mgraffin: @Allanahk @achurches lol. He was brilliant :) I didn’t even need a translator! :) – Workshop Participant

James Humberstone ‏@JamesHumbers: #slide2learn keynote 3 @achurches gave most complete & impressive summary of C21 learning issues I’ve heard w insights fr own practice & rich – Workshop Participant


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