ReImagining Melrose High School

Case Study 1

Canberra’s Melrose High School has always encouraged achievement within a safe and friendly learning environment. Technology teacher Stephannie Dormer’s quest is to provide this for her students every day.

Read about how a unique project using the 21st Century Fluencies allowed her to reach her students like never before.

Every educator strives to offer their students the best educational experiences they can. Stephannie Dormer, Executive Teacher of Technology at Melrose High School in Canberra, knew exactly where she wanted to be and what she wanted her students to learn.

Considering the best way to go about this led her to the work of The Global Digital Citizen Foundation, and the 21st Century Fluencies.

“Although I understood the Fluencies, I felt as though I was in the dark with what I was doing,” Stephannie claims.

young town classroom 2

By using Solution Fluency in her technology classroom, Stephannie has transformed things in many positive ways. “As a teacher, some of my previous beliefs have been challenged and are still being challenged,” she says.

Stephannie and her students plan to continue exploring meaningful transformation in future learning endeavours. “The next steps are refining the (Solution Fluency) process with another couple of projects. I would also like to move on to some of the other Fluencies to gain experience with them.”

“The results were outstanding and beyond my wildest expectations. It was an absolute pleasure to mark!”

I am using Solution Fluency with students in my ACE class. I think the students whom I taught last semester have realized that they are capable and that they can learn, but that it isn’t always easy. They do like the reassurance that what they are doing is on the “right” track.

Stephannie Dormer

Melrose High School

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