ReImagining Melrose High School

Case Study 2

Nurturing a student’s imagination and creativity is how meaningful learning happens. This is what the work of Anna Russell, a Visual Arts teacher at Canberra’s Melrose High School, is focused on.

Using Solution Fluency as a roadmap, Anna’s students embarked on an exploration of visual communication resulting in some of the most insightful projects they’ve created yet.

Melrose High School teacher Anna Russell knows about possibilities. Her work in the field of teaching visual arts allows her students to shine in ways they never thought they could. So the idea to incorporate the 6Ds of Solution Fluency into her teaching was well considered beforehand.

“I was aware that I needed to enhance my pedagogy to meet the changes required for teaching in a digital age,” says Anna.

Giving her students an inspiring challenge in which they could incorporate Solution Fluency was the first step.

young town classroom 2

Using Solution Fluency to connect to her students’ inner awareness set the tone for visual communication projects that would demonstrate how what we see can shape our opinions and perceptions of the world around us. Their own original artwork reflected the critical thinking processes that are part of a true problem-solving classroom culture.

As the 21st Century Fluencies continue to establish a home in Anna’s classroom experiences, she’s keeping her eye on the future. This includes some lofty goals for not only her own practices, but for spreading the word about the Fluencies as well.

“It has provided me with the necessary adjustments that I needed to meet the needs and interests of my students.”

By using the Fluencies and applying their methodologies, I have made the shift from an expert to a facilitator of education. This has changed the whole way that I teach in allowing students to learn how to learn, and how to think.

Anna Russell

Melrose High School

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