ReImagining Newport Gardens Primary School

Case Study 1

At Newport Gardens Primary School they have a vision that’s all about nurturing and enabling students. As such, they constantly strive to develop independent thinkers and creative problem solvers who are prepared for the future.

See how students used Solution Fluency to face the challenge of cleaning up their environment.

Kids will often surprise you. Newport Gardens Primary School teachers Heidi James and Ellie Barclay can tell you all about what students can do with an inspiring real-world challenge, and the proper learning framework to apply it to. Heidi, Ellie, and their team used the Fluencies to engage their Junior Learning Community in a very memorable unit about litter.

After a real-life scenario designed to get them thinking about the cleanliness of their school environment, students were impacted on a deep emotional level. Inspired to make a difference, they took immediate action to show parents, teachers, and the whole school just how much they wanted to see a change happen.

young town classroom 2

Students created and hosted an interactive exhibition that was a huge hit with teachers and parents alike. Heidi, Ellie, and the Junior Team watched in amazement as their students became guides, experts, and ‘garbage avengers.’ They all spent time interacting and sharing what they learned with practical real-world exhibits.

Newport Garden’s students accomplished something meaningful, and they experienced using Fluency-based processes that resulted in deeper learning and a higher awareness of the world around them. Today, Heidi and Ellie continue to support colleagues in using the Fluencies to design authentic scenarios that allow students to “feel, explore, think, collaborate, and create.”

The 6Ds are fast becoming a part of our school’s shared language. The Fluencies have helped us as a school to become more understanding of, and better prepared for, meeting the needs of our 21st century learners. 

Heidi James

Newport Gardens Primary School

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