ReImagining Newport Gardens Primary School

Case Study 3

The students of Newport Gardens Primary School are eager to make a positive impact in both their school and their whole community. Theodora McGlade knows this well, and has seen it in her own teaching adventures.

Read about Theodora’s young fitness avengers and their exploits in this inspiring case study.

At Newport Gardens Primary School the 21st Century Fluencies are a big part of teaching and learning. Many of their teachers have had great success using them as a framework for meaningful project-based learning for students, and Theodora McGlade is certainly no exception.

“The Fluencies were identified by our principal as a way that students could take ownership of their learning, think deeply about critical and relevant world questions, and take action that is meaningful to them,” Theodora claims. Her students would demonstrate these qualities remarkably by applying Solution Fluency to promoting a healthier lifestyle in school, and eventually in their whole community.

young town classroom 2

Theodora’s students responded to the challenge with incredible passion and creativity. “They made a positive impact, with many children changing their habits in order to change the projected obesity statistic,” she recalls. “This occurred not only with the students in our learning community but also across our school and the wider community.”

As time goes on, Theodora reflects on Newport Gardens’ continuing mission of excellence using the 21st Century Fluencies as a teaching and learning framework. “For the school, the next phases of implementation will require additional induction for new staff, continued mentoring for current staff, and hopefully the development of connections with other schools.”

Lee and the GDCF team have given us a tangible process for planning and support that we have appreciated, used successfully, and which now drives our discussions and our unit planning with a far deeper and stronger connection to student learning, rather than teacher interest or comfort.

Theodora McGlade

Newport Gardens Primary School

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