ReImagining Santa Cruz
Cooperative School

The Santa Cruz Cooperative School in Bolivia is committed to providing its students with a curriculum that prepares them for successful studies at colleges and universities around the world.

Meet Getulio Brasil and learn how he strives to make a difference at his school.

Changing takes time and planning. It requires understanding where you are and knowing where you want to be, and then
figuring out how to get there. Getulio Brasil, Head of Science at the Santa Cruz Cooperative School in Bolivia, knows this well.

When Getulio decided to begin working with the 21st Century Fluencies, his extensive background in science enabled him to approach using the Fluencies as an experiment. And a successful experiment it was.

santa cruz classroom 1
santa cruz garden

Incorporating the 21st Century Fluencies in his teaching allowed Getulio to get creative with his students. The insights into teaching and learning that he gained with the Fluencies is great food for thought for any educator. “It was interesting to see how kids actually understand concepts better when they have to develop a product after an entire unit,” he says.

Today at Santa Cruz Cooperative School, Getulio’s students are engaged and excited about learning using the Fluencies. And Getulio himself remains vigilant in his hopes of inspiring other educators to embrace meaningful change in the same way.

My next step is developing other units connected to the 21st Century Fluencies—I prefer to teach with the Fluencies. Things move a lot faster and you see much better results. And that’s what any teacher expects.

Getulio Brasil

Santa Cruz Cooperative School

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