ReImagining Youngtown Primary School

Youngtown Primary School in Australia seeks to inspire their students to be the very best they can be, and to provide them with the skills and mindsets needed to thrive in an ever-changing future.

Here’s the story of how they allowed us to be part of their journey.

Every enterprising school strives to offer its students exceptional educational experiences. That’s what Youngtown Primary School is all about. When they decided to supercharge their mission of engaging children to be lifelong learners, they called on the Global Digital Citizen Foundation to guide them.

Youngtown’s Mario Bergamin recalls, “Some of our colleagues at the district level had listened to (GDCF president) Lee Crockett present at the ACEL conference in 2012. The work presented in Lee’s book Literacy is Not Enough provided the structure surrounding how to begin their implementation.”

young town classroom 2

A whole-school strategic initiative was soon launched with the 21st Century Fluencies as an integral part of Youngtown’s vision for change. Lee provided an introductory workshop to help the staff understand 21st-century learning and how to address it in teaching practices.

Through integrated coaching with inquiry- and project based learning processes and specialized workshops and resources, the GDCF team helped Youngtown realize their goals. And now there’s no stopping them in their continuing journey of great teaching for great students.

The 21st Century Fluencies provide a framework for the thinking, problem solving and higher-order learning skills that provide our students the best possible chance to become deeper learners in a global economy demanding these prerequisites.

Mario Bergamin

Youngtown Primary School

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