10 Reasons Why Inquiry-Based Learning is Awesome

by | Oct 13, 2017

Inquiry-based learning places a real focus on critical thinking and independent learning. In fact, it’s probably one of the most beneficial journeys our learners can experience during their school years. Sylvia Duckworth, a teacher and tech coach, expresses why this is the case by using creative Sketchnotes like the one we have for you today. This one is all about what makes inquiry-based learning such a great educational pathway.

Sketchnotes is a term coined by designer and author Mike Rohde, who has also written a few books on the subject. It’s a way of visual note taking which, according to Mike, you can use every day to “capture ideas, plan projects, document processes, and capture memorable experiences.”

In her Sketchnote below, Sylvia discusses 10 reasons why inquiry-based learning belongs in our classrooms. This kind of learning begins with questions that have no obvious answers which lead learners on meaningful knowledge quests to find solutions to real problems. In addition, the role of the teacher truly shifts to one of guide and facilitator as the students walk the path of knowledge discovery in their own unique ways.


Why Inquiry-Based Learning?

It’s more than simply asking questions and finding answers—it’s about provoking curiosity and interest. It does this by providing inquiry tasks that are relevant to our learners’ interests, and by shifting responsibility for the learning to them. The 4 steps to successful inquiry-based learning profiled in this article on Edutopia provide an explanation of how it all starts, and how you can generate meaningful inquiry-based pathways to learning on your own.

How are you and your kids exploring inquiry-based learning in your classroom? If you want some fun ideas, have a look at these 6 cool inquiry lesson ideas based on popular movies.


Sylvia has a whole range of creative Skectchnotes posted on Flickr. Be sure to check them out and see what else intrigues you.



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