A List of 10 Social Media Skills for Every Modern Teacher [Infographic]

by Dec 3, 2017

Social media skills have an increasingly useful presence in modern classrooms. Teachers and students use them to connect and to expand learning, and they don’t have to be a distraction. In fact, they can be powerful learning tools if used properly. It begins with our most powerful classroom tool which is a knowledgeable teacher.

A teacher who knows about social media is a boon to the modern classroom. It’s about more than just “keeping up”—having social media skills can strengthen the teacher-student connection. They can bridge a generational gap that can make teaching a challenge. Bringing social media to the classroom can also increase accessibility for children from lower income families. Social media also has applications to personal and professional development. Teachers can use it to find learning and development opportunities of their own. Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect examples of this.

10 Important Social Media Skills for Teachers

The infographic below has 10 crucial social media competencies for teachers. It was created by Med Kharbach, based on a post from Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk blog. Med shared this great infographic on Educator’s Technology and has covered some really essential skills here for your consideration.

Chances are you’re practicing much of this already as a teacher. The advice herein focuses on many of the values of Global Digital Citizenship. It also covers other important social media teacher topics. These include:

  • managing a PLN
  • staying informed about digital trends
  • communication in and out of the classroom

If you want even more ideas for expanding your know-how, we can help. The GDCF’s Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide is full of ideas for engaging lessons, expanding your PLN, and much more. Meanwhile, here is Med’s terrific infographic. Happy social media learning!

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