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If you’re on the education technology fence, you probably can’t decide which device or app is the best one to really use. You aren’t sure if you want to jump into the edtech pool with Evernote, Moodle, an iPad, a Chromebook, or some other hot new product or service. That’s because there are an overwhelmingly large number of options out there. Seriously. Take a gander at the Apple iTunes App Store and click on the education category after you’re done on Edudemic. It’s an almost limitless number of apps that could potentially help you.

And that’s just the apps. There are so many more resources out there worth taking a look at. But you’re a busy teacher and you barely have time to use your own iPad to play a quick round of Angry Birds.

What if there was some sort of time-saving handy visual that could help you dream up nearly a dozen new ways to use technology in your classroom? That’s exactly what you’ve got with this fabulous graphic below. It’s designed by the folks at Really Good Stuff to be simple to read, understand, and implement.

This article was featured on Edudemic on September 16 2014 and was written by Jeff Dunn. The infographic was produced by Really Good Stuff.

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