12 Sources of Creative Writing Projects for All School Levels

by | Jun 9, 2017

We understand—being a teacher, there isn’t always a lot of time to run around sourcing neat creative writing projects for your learners. You need ideas and you need them now, and we get it. So to make it easier, we’ve done some of the hunting for you. Here you’ll find hundreds of cool ideas for creative writing projects mined from all over the Web.

Previously we’ve given you some online tools to help your learners explore how easy it is to get into creative writing using technology applications. With the following links, they can use those tools for exploring all these suggestions for creative writing projects while you guide them in making the magic happen.

Primary/Elementary School Creative Writing Projects

  1. Journal Buddies: Journal Buddies has it all. Jill Schoenberg offers up a vast array of writing ideas and journal prompts on her blog. There are lots of tools to explore here.
  2. Education.com: This site provides great tools and resources for all kinds of teaching. Search for reading and writing activities by grade and get tons of results you can use right away.
  3. TeacherVision: Here’s another great site full of creative writing projects and worksheets that you can search by grade.
  4. Pinterest: You’re bound to find lots of these kinds of ideas on Pinterest, but this board focusing on imaginative writing ideas and projects is a great place to start.

Middle School Creative Writing Projects

  1. Study.com: Try these photo prompts to get middle school students tinkering with the possibilities of creative visual writing.
  2. Journal Buddies: In addition to the projects for elementary school above, here are 77 creative writing prompts for middle school learners.
  3. The Unquiet Librarian: Buffy Hamilton (a.k.a. The Unquiet Librarian) explores creative writing using color poems, with some downloadable worksheet PDFs for easy sharing.
  4. Write Shop: At this link, Kim Kautzer provides 8 kid-friendly writing warm-ups that spark creative writing.

Senior School Creative Writing Projects

  1. Owlcation: This is a site created by educators to share their expertise and knowledge about academic topics of all kinds. In this article, they offer some great high school creative writing projects.
  2. ThoughtCo: These resources feature prompts that focus on creative writing projects for exercising plot, dialogue, and voice.
  3. Teach Like Everyone’s Listening: Here are links to publishing opportunities, communities, and more from Liz Prather.
  4. Edutopia: Todd Finley lays out 50 prompts for creative writing using real or imagined events.


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