With a stream of technological advancement and innovation in the educational environment, keeping in touch with recent trends becomes crucial in learning success. Here are 15 online educational resources and blogs that teachers and educators can use to make their educational process much more productive and enjoyable. These online educational resources may offer something to different educators in various ways.

1. TeachAde 


This is a great resource for K-12 teachers. It has lots of targeted information that is going to appeal to teachers of any grade, and it has collaborative features too, which other teachers are loving at the moment. You may even connect with other mentors and such. It is a great way for educators to grab new ideas and new material to help inspire students.

2. GEL Conference


This is more of a video blog resource that is hosted by the founders of various companies. Show students lectures and talks from people that are in the industry they are training to enter. Show them lectures from people with real-world experience that are considered to be innovators and free thinkers. Show them lectures from people that have learned the hard way and from people that have bent the rules to stay on top. Lectures and their messages may be analyzed and students may relate what they hear and see to what they learn in their textbooks.

3. NYU Open Education


This is a website that offers you data and such from the New York University. It has free resources that both the students use and that people on the Internet use (since they are free resources). It is like many Universities in that it has free resources but rarely has a full course that it offers for free.

4. Faculty Focus


This is a website that it targeted at higher education teachers. It gives them information and discussions on issues of higher education. It is very interesting for educators that are teaching higher education and many full-time educators say that it is a very good resource.

5. Papersgear 


This is top-class editing help for students. It has tips and advice that students can use, which is one of the reasons an educator can benefit from it. Having a teacher take some of the information and then teach it themselves is not such a big sin. Nobody would blame the educator for using this online resource.

6. ReadyGo 


This is an e-learning tool that the teacher may use, or may pass down to the student. It is good for making technology a little more accessible for teachers that may not be as tech-savvy as others.

7. Curriculumbits


This is a website that offers multimedia e-learning to students. It can be used by teachers as they may pick things from it to expose to their students. It has educational games and quizzes that a teacher can use to test his or her students.

8. Open Yale Courses


As you may have guessed, this resource is part of the Yale University. It offers free access to their introductory courses. It does not give full courses away for free, but you can see the introductory courses, and sometimes a person only needs an introduction to a subject in order to qualify or excel in another subject.

9. Udacity


This is a website that helps you advance your career as a teacher. It helps students learn new skills, and as a teacher you may copy the techniques or direct your students towards the website.

10. GCF LearnFree


This is a free course that allows you to learn from 750 lessons. It is great for teachers that are looking to up their knowledge. Elements of what is being taught are great for the teachers themselves, but may also be borrowed and used in class by the teachers too.

11. The eLearning Coach


This is a website that allows you to benefit from the tips and product reviews on the website. It is great for creating strategies for teaching, and has practical content throughout.

12. Trello


This is a resource that is good for teachers, parents, business people and students. It has a lot of organizational tools that are particularly helpful for teachers, and it has tools to allow students to give constructive opinions.

13. Merlot Educational Resource


This is a website that offers a comprehensive collection of resources that help the user with online guides, teaching and learning materials. There are people in other countries that use this tool, and they all make contributions. It is a great resource for an educator if the educator is willing to dig in and find relevant material.

14. iBerry


This is project that gives people with interests in higher education as much information as possible. You can enable access to open education, which may be open courseware, higher education resources, or its news aggregator.

15. Acas


This is a free online course where you may learn fresh knowledge and theory. As a teacher, you can keep yourself up to date and can go back to the classroom with some fresh ideas. It is a good course and website for educators. You may also like to use Zotero. This is a tool you can use as a personal research assistant. It allows educators and students to look things up and find information that may help with lessons or essays. There are lots of uses for this personal research assistant.

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