20 Creative Writing Terms That Are Better Than “Good” [Infographic]

by | Nov 21, 2016

via Jack Milgram/Custom Writing


When you’re writing, finding that “right word” can be a challenge. This is especially true if you’re a student with a looming assignment deadline. Sure, you may know lots of creative writing terms. However, to your dismay you look back on your last few paragraphs and notice how many times you’ve repeated certain words out of habit.

So you long to breathe new descriptive life into your work. What’s a budding Beckett or a hopeful Hemingway to do?

For at least one of the most popular creative writing terms, freelance author Jack Milgram has the answer. This infographic he recently shared on Custom Writing offers 200 alternatives for the word “good.”

Why Good Should Be Better

Think about the word “good” for a second. When you use it, how does it make you feel? When you see it written, what thoughts does it inspire? The truth is it’s a pretty ordinary and ultimately uninspiring word. It’s one of those creative writing terms that really isn’t creative. We reach for it when we can’t think of anything else and we just need to fill the void on the page.

As you’ll see from the infographic below, there are plenty of alternatives—200 of them, in this case. Students will find this very useful in expanding their own vocabularies of creative writing terms.

A “Good” for Every Occasion

To make it convenient, the team at Custom Writing has offered a range of applicable categories for these choices. There are “good” substitutions for when your students are writing about things like:

  • a movie
  • a holiday
  • a taste
  • a job
  • an opportunity
  • a book

These are just a few of the useful categories for which you can find a better word than plain old “good.”

So go ahead—enjoy and make use of Jack’s terrific infographic in your next writing project. In the end, everything is extraordinary. Everything is vital. Everything is exemplary.

Especially you and your students.words-instead-of-good2
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