Global Digital Citizen

Today, we are connected in ways that were once thought impossible, and we now live in a truly global culture. Through technology people share their lives, their work, their sorrows, and their triumphs with the world. We’re a community of billions, and everyone has a part to play. Learn the ways of the true Global Digital Citizen—how to be responsible, ethical, compassionate, and just.

Global Digital Citizen Video

Let's Walk You Through It

This video introduces you to the Global Digital Citizen, a true citizen of today’s digital world. Discover what makes it such a rewarding role for all of us, especially our students, to aspire to.

A roadmap to global digital citizenship.

The global digital citizen is a special kind of person—compassionate, industrious, and globally minded. Start your learners on the path to being global and being great with the Global Digital Citizen Quickstart Skills Guide.

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