When it comes to be an educator, team-building activities can serve you well in your career. As a teacher you are part of a unique group of people that truly have a vital job in society. You are teaching our young people, the hope of the future, to be all they can be as they are heading towards adulthood. This is a tough job that requires endless amounts of drive, patience, and love for what you do. Fortunately, there are millions of others like you sharing the same ambitions.

It can be tedious at times. That’s the reason why you need a reliable network of fellow educators around you to inspire you and keep your spirits up on the days that can be difficult. There are some team-building activities for teachers that can be done with their co-workers to create an atmosphere of support. Here are six ways to make your personal learning network as strong as it can possibly be.

1. Have a Weekly Coffee Chat

Just getting together with a group of your fellow teachers over a nice cup of coffee can facilitate great talks and bonding time. You can chat about your struggles over the week, and what solutions the group can come up with for common classroom problems. Venting to your fellow teachers and being a sympathetic ear can make you more connected to the job you are doing.

2. Go on a Retreat

This is basically an extension of the coffee talk. You and a group of your professional circle can take a trip together, either to a spa or some other getaway adventure. It doesn’t even have to be something expensive, since many resort places will give a decent discount to an educator’s group.

3. Have a Monthly Potluck

People love to share ideas and socialize over food. All different kinds of meals can be represented each month by picking a unique theme. Try to make sure there are a good variety of appetizers, meals, and desserts by having people email, tweet, or send you a Facebook update with their specific dish beforehand.

4. Learn a New Activity

Ever been rock climbing? How about skydiving, kayaking, or zip lining? These and other adventure activity ideas are a blast to do in a group. The sky’s the limit on what you can learn about yourself and each other by doing an activity you have never done before. (Well, you might want to work your way up to skydiving!)

5. Have an Adult Field Day

You are used to seeing the students perform in field day activities, but what about one for the teachers? This is a great way to bond with your fellow coworkers over simple games like “the three legged race”, egg run, or 50 yard dash. Hand out ribbons for prizes just like the kids get!

6. Create a Facebook Group Page

This will allow you and your fellow teachers to connect in a daily way online when you may not be able to communicate in person. You can hash out problems, discover solutions, and bounce ideas off each other online to make you feel more connected.

What team-building activities have worked for you as a teacher?

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