7 Useful Writing Help Services for Students to Improve Their Skills

by | Dec 10, 2016

Many students are struggling with writing assignments, and spend huge amounts of time trying to squeeze words on paper. Even if it’s not the case and students just want to improve their writing skills, some writing help services for students may be worth checking out. Here in no particular order are 7 services and tools aimed at getting students writing better:


smart-thinking-logoSmarthinking by Pearson is an online tutoring service. Students can submit essays to be analyzed by their writing specialists and receive feedback on style, grammar, thesis development and suggestions on how to strengthen their writing. Students can pay per hour or per piece. Smarthinking boasts a staff of highly qualified writing tutors. Tutoring on SAT essays is also available.


tutor-comTutor.com provides students with one-on-one tutoring. Tutor.com takes the students all the way through the writing process—from brainstorming ideas for an essay to a polished piece. They service students from elementary school through high school. Tutoring is conducted in live chats where a virtual white-board allows tutor and student to communicate about writing ideas. Tutors fill out profiles and are given feedback from their students. Students and parents can browse through tutor profiles to pick the one they like best. Read the fine print, but basically, if your grades don’t improve, they’ll give you your money back.


quillQuill is a free writing program that offers writing, grammar and vocabulary skill-building exercises. It’s aimed at middle and high school students. The “Proofreader” activity shows students writing with grammatical errors for them to identify. The “Writer” option allows users to collaborate on a piece of writing together using words from a vocabulary list. Quill is based on Common Core language standards and aims to improve student’s writing skills.



jetwritersJetWriters provides essay writing help for those students who have doubts about the quality of their paper. Professional academic writers and proofreaders will assist students no matter how complex their essays are. This service will be extremely helpful when you are run out of time and need express writing solutions with 24/7 support.


chegg-tutorsChegg is an online tutoring platform that allows students access to tutors 24/7. Their online “lesson space” allows for use of video, audio and text sharing. Chegg allows you a free trial lesson, after which tutoring is offered at 50 cents/minute. Students can choose their tutor based on their profiles or can opt to have Chegg choose a tutor for them.


etutoringEtutoring is another online platform where tutors offer students feedback on their papers. Students will receive a response within 24–48 hours with notes from their tutor. Live tutoring is also available for students who want to have a live chat with their tutor to discuss their work.


time4writingTime4Writing is an interactive program aimed at building writing skills over time. It works with students from elementary to high school levels. Students are given skill-building activities that they work on at their own pace and writing assignments to complete. Students are then given feedback from their teachers and can re-submit their work for approval. They offer a few options from HomeSchooling writing programs to AfterSchool writing programs. They also offer intensive writing courses.

Utilizing websites that offer writing help services for students can both improve students’ writing skills and build their confidence. Whether students are looking to write better essays, enhance their creative writing skills, or perform better on the SAT essay section, tutoring and writing services can provide them with the guidance to meet their goals.

Cari Bennette is a freelance writer and ghost author. She adores discussing such topics as education, writing tips, and career. Feel free to follow her on Twitter.

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