7 Mind-Blowing Science Experiments for STEM Learners [Infographic]

by | Jun 11, 2017

Science has a reputation for being one of the most entertaining topics in education, because nowhere else can you conduct mind-blowing science experiments that fire the imagination and excite passion for learning. When we witness a science experiment take place, it can be just like watching a magic show. Seemingly impossible things happen before our eyes that awaken our senses to the wonders that exist all around us, just waiting to be discovered. That’s what science is all about, and it’s the focus of the infographic 7 Intriguing Science Experiments for Kids, created by BestForTheKids.

Captivating as they are, it can sometimes be hard to get kids interested in science and other STEM subjects. Here’s what they had to say on eLearning Infographics about how to get around that:

“One of the best ways to grow interest about science among kids is to let them experience science practically. They should be able to perceive the awesomeness of science without needing to study a lengthy book at first. One way to ensure that is by performing kid-friendly science experiments along with them. They’re a great way to inspire awe in your kids and get them to know various scientific concepts in a fun, easy-to-grasp way.”

We totally agree, and the experiments below are sure to please STEM learners of all ages, even though they are geared largely towards younger students. Set your budding scientists loose with these mind-blowing science experiments and make learning a blast.

Discover more about this infographic on BestForTheKIds.

7 Intriguing Science Experiments for Kids Infographic



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