7 Ways Students Can Continue Learning Outside School

by | Apr 20, 2018

Kids are learning all the time. The real question is how they can continue learning outside school and be engaged in what you intended. But how do you control what they learn outside school? Truthfully, you can’t, but the beauty is that not all learning has to be school-related. They can simply acknowledge that learning outside school continues subconsciously.

Sometimes the best learning can be found in the things that kids love to do naturally. For example, they can go out and play (play to learn, that is). On the other hand they can stay in on a rainy day and take an informative online course or lesson. No matter what, learning outside school can happen many different ways. Encourage your pupils to take their experiences and experiment with these options.

7 Pathways for Learning Outside School

  1. Watch a flipped lesson on Khan AcademyWhatever videos you assign, keep them short and incorporate interactive questions using something like Edpuzzle. Digital tools like this allow you to expand your classroom outside the school and transcend school hours.
  2. Get on your Google+ or Dropbox Paper accounts in study groups. Have an upcoming summative assessment? It’s so easy these days to get an online study group together.
  3. Use social media to gather information. Interview someone or create a poll, and post in Twitter. Kids can do their social media apps in the comfort of their home and not know they’re still in class.
  4. Get into Minecraft and solve a problem. Use this ubiquitous gaming tool to create prototypes of structures, all while practicing math and physics.
  5. Use an app to monitor and organize your homework time. With all this social media available, stay focused by using online planning tools like MyStudyLife.
  6. Do an hour of code with Code.org or Code Avengers.
  7. Join after-school exploration programs. It doesn’t all have to be digital; join the Scouts or a sports team or a music group. There’s so much learning there.

What other unique ways can your kids continue doing learning outside school?

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