Education has come a long way in the last few years. Thanks to the prevalence of tech resources, educators have way more opportunities to engage with students. They also have better ways to grade projects and communicate outside of the classroom.

Knowing how best to use these tools can be difficult if you’re new to the edtech world. Here are 7 ways tech resources can enhance the education process.

7 Ways Tech Resources Enhance Education

1. Organization 

Students sometimes have a difficult time keeping their projects and assignments organized. Luckily, there are some great resources that will help students keep their files in one place. They can manage their time more efficiently and stay on track.

2. Planning

You don’t have to slave away to create classroom plans. Today, you can find any number of websites designed specifically for teachers to create engaging and unique plans for any subject.


3. Better Classroom Lessons

Speaking of lesson plans, sometimes organization and planning isn’t the only problem. Sometimes you’re completely stuck on a topic and have no idea what to do. There are websites (like Teachers Pay Teachers in the list below) that let you purchase (or sell) tried and true lesson plans.

4. Resources for Students

Resources like blogs, websites that help students learn to write, games, and forums are all wonderful additions to the classroom. Students can learn to seek out the guidance they need, when they need it.

5. Learning Games

It can be difficult to get some students excited about math, reading, or science. While there used to be a few computer games to help get kids involved, there are now thousands of options out there!


6. Study Skills

One of the trickiest parts of teaching is getting students to actually put in the time to study. But the answer might be as simple as giving them an easier way to access and view the information. Websites like Quizlet and Quora empower students to study.

7. Student Collaboration

Some edTech tools provide ways for students to collaborate with one another on projects and presentations. Whether it’s through traditional social media platforms or specific websites to help students work on assignments together, this is certainly an advantage for the modern student.

collaboration table

7 Terrific Tech Resources to Try


Grockit is a social media site that allows students to collaborate on projects, study for tests, or review classroom material together. Students are already used to social media. Grockit takes advantage of how most students are used to communicating, and allows them to use it to improve their grades and test results.


Planboard is a platform designed specifically for teachers. It helps you plan out your lessons in a cohesive manner to make sure you have everything you need and the material flows naturally from day to day.

Essay Mama

If your students need some extra help with writing, they can check out the blog on Essay Mama, which helps student with topics like how to choose a thesis, how to write an essay, and how to study.


Quizlet lets you create study guides for your students. They can then log in and either use flashcards that you create or design their own. Simply providing students with an easy, accessible way to study will frequently increase the time they spend studying.


With Dropbox, students can easily upload homework assignments. This makes it easier to access all of the files and grade from one place. Students can also benefit from Dropbox when they’re working on a group project and all members need access to the files.


FunBrain is a collection of math and reading games to keep kids engaged and having fun. You can direct students to specific games for homework, play the games during class time, or just encourage kids to play in their free time.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Do you have a great lesson plan that you think their teachers would love? Do you desperately need a great lesson plan and have no idea where to start? Teachers Pay Teachers lets you purchase lesson plans or sell your own.

The massive selection of tech resources online can drastically improve your teaching methods. This article featured 7 ways these tech resources can enhance the education process, but the possibilities are really endless. How have edtech tools improved your classroom experience?

Kenneth Waldman is a professional freelance writer and content creator. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.

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