Ways to Improve Student Communication Skills

One of the most important skills that must be developed from childhood is communication skills. To find a common language with other students, teachers, and colleagues in the future, it is necessary to enhance the ability to maintain a discussion by practicing special exercises. You are unlikely to become Cicero, but you will succeed in brightening eloquence and sociability! 

Train yourself not to answer in monosyllables 

Even for the simplest questions, try to answer with a few sentences rather than just “yes” or “no.” And try to say something new each time. For example, to the question “How are you?” answer: “As always, I work double tides.” First, an original answer to a seemingly simple question will arouse curiosity in the interlocutor. Secondly, you will learn to give quick spontaneous answers. 

Be polite and talk to different people 

Be sure to say “Hello” to someone you talk to. Being polite will cause a positive first impression of you. Communication with people of different ages and genders will teach you to find an approach to any interlocutor and maintain interesting conversations on various topics.

Maintain eye contact and smile

Competent speech is far from the only secret to a high level of communication skills. People are more disposed to confident and friendly interlocutors. Therefore, try to smile and look into the eyes of your interlocutor (but do not insist if the person feels uncomfortable). 

Know how to speak – know how to listen 

It sounds simple but not everyone knows how to listen to another person. It is necessary to treat each other with respect and not interrupt. 

Pause while speaking

Chattering relentlessly is not the best strategy. Pauses in speech demonstrate your confidence. You should not be nervous or fussy in such situations. Calmly think over the answer and voice it.

Watch your body language

Gesticulation also plays an important role during a conversation. Pay attention to the behavior of your hands during the dialogue. Your unconscious gestures may indicate your insecurity. Try to relax and fully control all body movements. 

Read literature 

An effective way to increase your vocabulary is to read books (especially fiction). Pay special attention to phraseological units, turns of speech, and beautiful expressions. Then try to apply this knowledge during a dialogue with the interlocutor. 

Try to communicate as much as possible

What does it take to develop any skill? Practice! The more you communicate with other people, the sooner you will become a master of eloquence. Remember the behavior patterns of the people you are talking to. What they talk about most often, what they want to hear from you, etc.

Following these rules, you will become the person with whom it is pleasant to communicate, and people will be drawn to you. Communication skills are not learned overnight. This is a real art that takes time and practice. But the result is definitely worth it.