Here’s a Resource Your Learners Can Use for “Being Global and Being Great”

by | Jul 12, 2017

As Global Digital Citizens, your students learn to work towards what we call “being global and being great.” It means caring for themselves and for others in all online and offline environments. In addition, it’s about showing respect and responsibility for communities both local and global in nature. It’s also about nurturing the planet we live on and preserving its endless beauty and aesthetic integrity for generations to come, and teaching them to do the same.

Ultimately, practicing the tenets of Global Digital Citizenship in our daily lives means learning the ways in which all humanity is connected. When we recognize our similarities and our mutual needs, we begin to think in harmony. We act with compassion for ourselves, others, and the world we live in. That’s what “being global and being great” is all about. Now you can share a daily reminder of these things with all your learners in the form of this infographic below.

How Being Global and Being Great Works for Everyone

As you’ll see, being global and being great is all about practicing RESPECT as well as RESPONSIBILITY. In the infographic poster below we explore 6 fundamental questions to help you and your learners become the very best Global Digital Citizens you can be. These were inspired by the guidelines you’ll find on one of our most popular downloads, the Digital Citizenship Agreements being used in thousands of schools the world over.

Every day you and your learners can check in with each other about the important practices of the Global Digital Citizen by asking:

  • Are you respecting yourselves?
  • Are you being responsible for yourselves?
  • Are you respecting others?
  • Are you being responsible for others?
  • Are you respecting the environment?
  • Are you being responsible for the environment?

We hope you enjoy this infographic—download it as a PDF by clicking on the link below. Here’s to you and your learners being global and being great, now and always.

Get the “Being Global and Being Great” PDF here



Download the Agreements

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