Blog Content Writing Tips: Student Bloggers

Sometimes, a mere desire to write is not enough. We still need to make sure that the text is readable and clear for understanding. The question is how to do it? Why do some blogs gain tens of thousands of views daily, while others struggle to reach hundreds of readers? 

The practice of many student bloggers shows that it is much easier to lose a reader than to attract one. Therefore, before starting your work, you need to familiarize yourself with what you should avoid when blogging. 

Why is the blog not being read? 

Missing structure 

The text is like a house. The house has a foundation, a basement, living floors, and a roof. And not vice versa (the roof can’t be down, can it?). The text also needs structure: introduction, subheadings, lists, conclusion, etc. If the order of thoughts is presented chaotically, the reader will not understand the ideas of the author and will simply close the blog. 

The topic does not match the title 

The reader may not like it very much if you write one thing in the introduction and suddenly change the subject in the middle of the text. The title and pictures should also correspond to the main idea of ​​the article. 

Lots of mistakes

Typos happen, but if the text is full of grammatical, syntactical, and other errors, the reader is unlikely to perceive the author’s opinion as authoritative and simply leave. Be sure to check the article for typographical errors before publishing.

What to do to attract readers to your blog? 

1) Answer the question: “How will my article help the reader?” 

Your text should solve some problems. Why should people pay attention to your blog? What can it teach? If you can immediately give a clear answer to this question, then your article is really useful, and the reader will be motivated to read it in full. 

2) Read for yourself 

Find books or other blogs that interest you and notice unusual figures of speech, phraseological units, or just unfamiliar words. By increasing your vocabulary and using it already in your blog, you will be able to attract more readers.

3) Be honest 

Write only about what you really understand. Personal experience will help to describe even the smallest details, which will definitely appeal to everyone who follows your blog. It is strictly forbidden to distort facts or share unverified information. Not only will your blog be closed, but an angry review will also be left. 

4) Keep the reader’s interest 

If you write long text, your task is to make your subscribers read to the very end. First, your article must be easy to read; otherwise, your blog visitor will simply get tired. Secondly, think over the text plan in advance so that each line contains useful information. And keep in mind that even if your article is the most interesting in the world, not everyone will read it in full.

Do not be lazy to read other people’s blogs with a lot of views. Notice the useful features of your competitors and use them yourself. Well, practice. Nothing without it will be successful.