The 11 Most Inspiring TED Talks for Modern Educators

There is no reason why teachers shouldn’t embrace a role as fundamental players in the creativity revolution sweeping across global economies and societies. But being an innovative modern educator on the cutting edge of educational design can...

Rethinking 9 Common Assumptions We Sometimes Make About Our Learners

Most of us at one time or another have made assumptions about something. Incorrect assumptions can hamper our progress as teachers. More importantly, it can hamper the progress of our learners. We must realize it's safe to think differently about them. Shifting from...

The 15 Best Ways To Achieve Better Writing (Infographic)

Every writer wants to achieve better writing skills, but not everyone knows how. Thankfully, having the desire is enough and then it's possible. The tips we have below will help from an infographic called 15 Ways to Write Faster. Of course, being faster...

How Caring Teachers Can Fix Negative Thoughts Students Think

Negative thoughts happen to us all. Everybody needs inspiration and encouragement when times get tough, and our learners are no different. How can caring educators fix negative thoughts students think and give them the tools to break through distress? Student life can...

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6 Terrific Sites for Sourcing STEAM Learning Activities

What are some of the best STEAM learning activities out there? There are so many ideas to discover, but the 6 resources below are veritable goldmines. Each activity brings the appeal of the arts into STEM in fun and exciting ways learners will...

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4 Fun Coding Sites for Learners to Develop Their Skills

In this modern technology-driven world, more and more students want to learn coding skills. Providing ways for creatively developing these skills is a great way to get started in the world of coding. These fun coding sites will help them in their...

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60+ Free EdTech Tools For 4-Core and More

There are more free edtech tools out there than you can shake a yardstick at. Innovative minds are at work everywhere in education. As often as they can, teachers try to reap the benefits of this. What helps is making sure they have lists like...

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7 Ways of Nurturing Student Creativity and Why It Matters

In our travels, we've asked educators all over the world about the most important skills kids need to thrive beyond school. It's pleasing to see that nurturing student creativity is very high on that list. In fact, it's number 2, directly below problem-solving. How do...

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