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How You Can Easily Tell If You’re Using Future-Focused Teaching

      What's your ideal vision of teaching for the future? What will our classroom learning look like years from now? No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain: now is the time to embrace that future wholeheartedly. That means using future-focused...

9 Ways of Improving Creativity That Really Work [Infographic]

      Improving creativity is a lifetime pursuit and one that will serve learners well beyond school. We are living in an age in which artistic appeal is now fundamental to any product’s success on the market. The reason is that exceptional art and design...

5 Creative Hobbies That Build Your Critical Thinking Skill

      Everybody needs a hobby, so it's said. But even if you're busy enough as it is (and what teacher and student isn't), you can still benefit from exploring this list of creative hobbies for building critical thinking skills. Some of them you may...


How to Get the Most Benefit From Flipping Your Classroom

      There's something exciting about the concept of the flipping your classroom. Imagine the excitement of learners doing hands-on work at school and taking video lessons at home. The idea might feel a little uncomfortable at first, and if you are new to...

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8 of the Simplest Methods for Transforming Teaching

      When we talk about transforming teaching, we're not talking about fixing what's wrong. Instead, we're talking about possibilities. We're talking about taking the great work we do as teachers and making it exceptional. It's about exploring possibility...

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10 Things Teachers Love to Hear Their Students Say

      Appreciation from others is always great even when someone loves their job and doesn't need motivation to do it. For example, teachers love teaching and learning although they are used to students despising school. Even so, the things teachers love...

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5 Ways You Can Enable Learners Who Struggle in Class

      What can teachers do to help enable learners who struggle in class regularly? Sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle for both the student and the teacher. After all, many of these kids are considered highly intelligent and verbally competent. So...

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How to Make Any Question Essential With Three Easy Steps

      An essential question is an incredibly powerful tool for discovery learning and critical thinking skill development. The truth is you can make any question essential with a few adjustments. Let's see how to turn basic non-essential questions into...

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