Critical thinking is something we define as a necessary modern learning skill, but how do you do it? We’ve found just the folks who can help. Springboard Stories is a magazine that focuses on creative storytelling, contextual learning, and critical thinking skills. They have versatile lesson ideas based on an original children’s picture book, with online resources that help teachers maximize whiteboard and tablet technology. In this infographic they created, the critical thinking process is made simple.

That’s what you’ll discover with this nifty little infographic. Here’s what Springboard Stories has to say about the importance of critical thinking in young kids:

Exploring stories laterally will encourage deeper critical thinking and help children to develop empathy and understanding, and allow children to bring their own experiences to existing stories by retelling their own versions develops language skills and gives them confidence in their own abilities. A skill that will stay with them for life.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.



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