You can foster teamwork skills in your students and lead them towards forming amazing alliances using the Collaboration Fluency Quickstart Guide—the fifth guide in the Global Digital Citizen Foundation’s FREE Fluency Quickstart series!

New Call-to-actionOur digital students have an inherent ability to thrive in teams and groups. They connect on multiple levels, set admirable goals, and achieve outstanding results through collaboration. That’s why Collaboration Fluency—the proficient ability to work cooperatively with virtual and real partners in online environments to create original digital products—is one of the Fluencies transforming education today.

Students Can Build Unstoppable Teams!

You can show your students how to assemble their strongest teams ever with the help of the skills detailed in the Collaboration Fluency Quickstart Guide. This is the fifth Fluency guide in our free Quickstart Guide series.

In this book, we look at the skills developed by each stage of Collaboration Fluency—Establish, Envision, Engineer, Execute, and Examine—known as the 5Es.

Developing these skills is essential to students’ success in building healthy and productive relationships both personally and professionally in a rapidly-changing world like ours. This guide will help you give them the team-building edge they need!


Taking a Measure of Teamwork

Once you’ve discovered how Collaboration Fluency skills can aid your students in their classrooms and beyond, you can take it one step further. Measure their proficiency with Collaboration Fluency skills with the help of the Fluency Snapshot Tool included in the book.


Then, let them dive into the different project-based learning activity ideas, also included. Watch as they come together to solve problems and realize their best ideas in your classroom!

Start Using Collaboration Fluency with Your Students

The Collaboration Fluency Quickstart Guide will ensure you have a solid guideline for incorporating the 5Es of Collaboration Fluency in your classroom.

Download it now for free and begin exploring the skill levels and scenario ideas, and discover how to make the most of them with your students!

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