Let your students unleash their inner Picasso using the skills in the Creativity Fluency Quickstart Guide—the next in the FREE Fluency Quickstart series from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!


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There’s creative genius within all of us, and like water in a desert, it’s only waiting to be discovered. Creativity Fluency is the process by which artistic proficiency adds meaning through design, art, and storytelling.

Creative and artistic ability is no longer an ornamental consideration in any business’s product design—it’s an absolute necessity.

Creativity adds appeal and ignites the senses, and now you can give your students the edge with this brand new free guide!

The Creativity Fluency Quickstart Guide is the third volume in our new FREE Fluency Guidebooks Series. Discover the 5Is of Creativity Fluency—Identify, InspireInterpolate, Imagine, and Inspect. After that, you and your students can do even more as you explore further in the guide.

Discover the Skills Beyond the Stages

The guidebook then lets you explore specific skills developed in each stage and discover why the artistic process is so crucial to successful creative and independent thinking. Use the points as a baseline for inspiring Creativity Fluency development in your students.


Take a Snapshot of Progress!

The Creativity Fluency Quickstart Guide also gives you the Fluency Snapshot Tool for this Fluency. Then, dive into 6 different customizable project-based learning scenario ideas for engaging students and measuring their progress with Creativity Fluency.


Start Using Creativity Fluency with Your Students

The Creativity Fluency Quickstart Guide will ensure you have a solid guideline for incorporating the 5Is of Creativity Fluency in your classroom.

Download it now for free and begin exploring the skill levels and scenario ideas, and discover how to make the most of them with your students!

cf quickstart blog

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