Show students how to become citizens for a new digital world with the Global Digital Citizen Quickstart Guide—the final book in the FREE Fluency Quickstart series from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!


Today, we’re connected in ways that were once thought impossible, and we live in a truly global culture. With technology people share their lives, their work, their sorrows, and their triumphs with the world. It’s a community of billions, and everyone has a part to play.

With the Global Digital Citizen QuickStart Guide, you and your students can learn the ways of the true Global Digital Citizen—how to be responsible, ethical, compassionate, and just.

Be Global, Be Great

This volume finally completes the GDCF’s popular Fluency QuickStart Guide series. You’ll be able to take a closer look at the skills developed by the 5 tenets of global digital citizenship—the hallmarks of the exemplary Global Digital Citizen.


Of course. as with all other guides, this QuickStart Guide also contains the Fluency Snapshot, and 6 project-based learning scenarios for you to try out in your classroom. Use them to measure your students’ proficiency and let them have some fun as you work together to foster the Global Digital Citizen mindset.


Collect Them All!

It’s been our pleasure developing the Fluency QuickStart Guide series for you. We hope you enjoy this resource just as much as you’ve enjoyed the other volumes. The complete series gives you some useful resources for teaching using the Fluencies in any classroom. You can find them all on our Resources page.

So dive into the Global Digital Citizen QuickStart Guide today, and work alongside your students to be the best global digital citizens you can be. Happy learning!


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