Show students how to master media skills by exploring the Media Fluency Quickstart Guide—the fourth book in the FREE Fluency Quickstart series from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!

mf quickstart blog Look around you, and every day you will see that you’re bombarded with messages and information. How we communicate in the digital world continues to evolve intellectually, emotionally, and technologically.

What can help you decode all this is having a firm grasp of Media Fluency, which is the ability to unconsciously interpret the messages contained within media of all sorts, and the ability to communicate in multiple multimedia formats.

Get the Skills of Spielberg and More!

Now you and your students can learn to develop media mastery skills with the help of the Media Fluency Quickstart Guide. This is the fourth Fluency guide in this free series, and it discusses the skills of Media Fluency and why they’re important to life and learning in the Information Age.

Explore the 2Ls of Media Fluency—Listening and Leveraging—and see the media abilities they can develop to help you and your students both decode and utilize today’s media to its fullest potential.


Measure Your Students’ Media Smarts!

Once you’ve discovered how Media Fluency skills can aid your students in their classrooms and beyond, you can take it one step further. As with all the other Fluency Quickstart Guides, you can measure their proficiency with Media Fluency skills with the help of the Fluency Snapshot Tool included in the book.

Then, let them dive into the different project-based learning activity ideas, also included. It’s the perfect way for them to hone and develop new media skills!


Start Using Media Fluency with Your Students

The Media Fluency Quickstart Guide will ensure you have a solid guideline for incorporating the 2Ls of Creativity Fluency in your classroom.

Download it now for free and begin exploring the skill levels and scenario ideas, and discover how to make the most of them with your students!

mf quickstart blog

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