Your students can develop Sherlock-style data detective abilities using the skills in the Information Fluency Quickstart Guide—yours FREE from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!


There’s a lot of information out there these days, and that’s why we developed Information Fluency—the ability to unconsciously and intuitively interpret information in all forms and formats in order to extract the essential knowledge, authenticate it, and perceive its meaning and significance.

The Information Fluency Quickstart Guide is the second volume in our new FREE Fluency Guidebooks Series. Discover the 5As of Information Fluency—AskAcquire, Analyze, Apply, and Assess. After that, you and your students can do even more as you explore further in the guide.

Discover the Skills Beyond the Stages

The guidebook then takes you through the specific skills developed in each stage of the Fluency, and why they’re important to living and learning in the Information Age. Use the points as a baseline for inspiring Information Fluency development in your students.

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Measure What Matters

The Information Fluency Quickstart Guide also offers tools for engaging students and measuring their progress with Information Fluency. Make use of the 6 different customizable project-based learning scenario ideas provided, as well as the Fluency Snapshot Tool for this Fluency, also included.

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Start Using Information Fluency with Your Students

The Information Fluency Quickstart Guide will ensure you have a solid guideline for incorporating the 5As of Information Fluency in your classroom.

Download it now for free and begin exploring the skill levels and scenario ideas, and discover how to make the most of them with your students!



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