Introducing a colourful new resource from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation—explore our all new guidebook World of Colour: Colour Theory in Marketing and Media. It’s yours for FREE!

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Colour fills the world around us; it speaks to us on so many levels. Colour tells us stories and invokes feeling and emotion the way the spoken word can’t. It’s a carefully-considered aspect of every design project, and learning how to use it can take any work of art or design to stunning new heights.

Now you and your students can learn to master the essentials of colour theory in the brand new guide World of Colour: Colour Theory in Marketing and Media—yours FREE from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation!

This colourful and engaging guide will help you:

  • Learn about different colour schemes
  • Discover the “emotions” of popular colours
  • See how colour is used in media and marketing
  • Explore colour through student activities
  • Enhance creativity and collaboration
  • Make learning colourful!

This is the first guide designed to be a companion to Media Fluency. It’s full of practical knowledge about colour theory and its applications, and will guide you and your students as you explore the power of colour!

The Wheel Goes Round and Round


Beginning with a look at the Colour Wheel and some of the most widely-used colour theory terms, we then move onto exploring the “feelings’ of colour.

This is the science used by designers and marketers to spark our emotions and drive us into action. You can learn to harness it for your own unique projects!

Next, we look at colour schemes and examine real-world examples of colour theory in website design and popular culture. Learn what it is about colour that gives Twitter its “tweet-ability”, gets us giddy about Google, and makes Superman so super!

And Don’t Forget the PBL!

We haven’t forgotten the fun stuff, either. Included in this guide are 5 great ideas for project-based learning activities involving colour theory, media development, marketing strategies, and many more concepts designed to be used alongside Media Fluency skills!


Download World of Colour: Colour Theory in Marketing and Media and begin exploring the colour in our dynamic world of media and marketing!

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