Education Infographics: The Best 100 We’ve Seen

by | Jan 21, 2017

via Visual News

We love infographics, and we love education infographics even more. So you can imagine our excitement when we came across this article from Visual News by Tracy Tonnu. It features the 100 best education infographics you can find on the Web, and we had to share.

The humble infographic is a terrific way to share vital information en masse quickly. We are all visual learners nowadays and design is an integral part of sharing ideas that matter. You can see examples from us like the Bloom’s Taxonomy Verbs infographic and also the Solution Fluency PBL infographic we produced a while back.


In her article, Tracy cites the value of using education infographics to help spread the word about the good work being done in the field by innovators from every walk of life. From her article:

“In order to inform the public about the importance of education and the ramifications of the lack thereof, many companies have created brilliant infographics detailing the value of a good education system. We’ve put together a list of the 100 best education infographics ranging from information about the benefit of EdTech and STEM programs in schools to the problem with rising student loan debt due to increasing costs.”


There are plenty to choose from here, so we’ll entice you with a few links below.

There are 90 more education infographics where those came from! So check out Tracy’s article on Visual News and get “infographically informed.”


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