The Most Essential Critical Thinking Tools for Teaching and Learning

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Critical Thinking

As a teacher, the most essential critical thinking tools you can have are the ones you’ve always got with you. Here at Wabisabi Learning, we both love critical thinking and creating awesome resources to make educator’s lives easier. So we’ve taken our most popular downloadable resource and created a print version you can pack with you at all times. We’re proud to announce the release of our all new full-colour Critical Thinking Companion.


Build Some Serious Critical Thinking Muscle

The Critical Thinking Companion has got everything you need and more for developing and assessing critical thinking skills in your students.

This guide is packed full of cool tools, engaging games and activities, and lots of brain-boosting challenges in full colour—it’s a critical compendium for any modern teacher.

Here’s what’s inside this terrific premium teacher’s guide:

  • Over 25 challenging games and activities
  • 6 exciting project-based learning scenarios
  • A full rubric framework for assessing critical thinking skills
  • Resources for understanding and instruction

Essential Critical Thinking Tools and More

This critical thinking compendium and many other tools for teaching are available at the Wabisabi Online Store. And that’s not all—for a limited time you can grab both our new Critical Thinking Companion along with our Restorative Practices Guide together for one low price. Find out more by visiting our store and checking out the other cool teacher tools we know you’ll love.

Pick up your copy of this new colourful info-packed critical thinking guide today, and build some critical thinking mojo with your modern learners!


Transform your classroom with Wabisabi.

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