The Essential Fluencies Teacher’s Companion Series

by | Mar 29, 2017

Introducing the Essential Fluencies Teacher’s Companion Series from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation—companions you can count on.

Ever since we began bringing the Essential Fluencies of modern learning to schools all over the globe, the response to them has been amazing. Teachers have embraced the mindsets of these Fluencies and brought them to their students in so many unique and engaging ways.

Since then, we’ve been working hard to bring you tools that help you understand and facilitate them better and better. It started with the Fluency Quickstart Guides. Now you have even more tools for Fluency teaching with the new Essential Fluencies Teacher’s Companion Series.


The Essential Fluencies Teacher’s Companion Series is a group of info-packed guides designed to help you gain a better understanding of the Essential Fluencies and how they work. They’ll aid you in your quest to discover how you can utilize, communicate, and facilitate the Fluencies within your classroom environments, and all within the context of the required curriculum.

Each guide in the Essential Fluencies Teacher’s Companion Series contains the following tools for you:

  • Fluency Skills Perspective: An explanation of the working phases of each fluency, the skills each phase develops, and why they are important to our modern learners.
  • Fluency Snapshot Tool: A single-page version of our popular snapshot grading tool, specific to the fluency covered by each companion, with editable fields you can check right in the document for performing quick and easy fluency assessments.
  • Tools and Activities for Understanding: These are ideas for using each of the fluencies in easy and practical classroom approaches.
  • PBL Scenarios: 6 expanded versions of customizable PBL scenarios from the Solution Fluency Activity Planner, including EQs, overviews, and activity stage summaries.
  • Fluency Assessment Framework: A comprehensive Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy rubric for assessing fluency skills in your students.
  • Guiding Questions: Review questions for sharing with colleagues and students to reinforce and expand your understanding of the fluencies.

Explore the Essential Fluencies Teacher’s Companion Series

These premium teacher’s companion guides are all available with a Teacher Professional Plan or School Plan on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner. You can learn a little more about each guide at the links below.

sf-companion-coverSolution Fluency

What is Solution Fluency and why is it important to modern learning? What does the 6Ds process of problem-solving look like in the classroom? How do we assess those skills? You can do all this and more with the Solution Fluency Teacher’s Companion.

if-companionInformation Fluency

Why is Information Fluency a crucial skill in the digital age? What are the 5As of Information Fluency and the skills they develop? How can we effectively teach and assess these skills? Find out this and more in the Information Fluency Teacher’s Companion.

cf-companionCreativity Fluency

How can creative processes be taught to our students? How do creative skills serve us in our work and our play? How can we effectively teach and assess creativity skills to students? The answers are here in the Creativity Fluency Teacher’s Companion.

mf-companionMedia Fluency

What are the media skills students need? How can we use them to leverage multiple media sources for information sharing and creative expression? How can we do this responsibly? Find out this and more in the Media Fluency Teacher’s Companion.

clf-companionCollaboration Fluency

What does it take to build great teams? How can students use team and leadership skills in and beyond school? Why do these skills matter, and how can we teach and assess them? Everything you need is in the Collaboration Fluency Teacher’s Companion.

gdc-companionGlobal Digital Citizen

Who is the Global Digital Citizen? How do they think and act in the modern world? What are the characteristics of a Global Digital Citizen? How can we teach and assess these skills? You’ll find out in the Global Digital Citizen Teacher’s Companion.

Take advantage of the Essential Fluencies Teacher’s Companion Series. Visit for more information, or log in and upgrade your account today.


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