The Essential Questions Companion Guide for Awesome Discovery Learning

by | Apr 24, 2017

Take your essential questions to new heights with the Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion.

In any great lesson, an essential question is what drives the quest for knowledge and discovery of the unknown and also encourages learning ownership. So what makes a question “essential?” Better yet, what kind of resource will help you not only understand but build and assess the essential questions you share with your learners?

We’ve got just the thing to help you discover more about how you can develop your best essential questions for inquiry- and project-based learning. This is the Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion.


Discover the EQ Teacher’s Companion

Using essential questions in the classroom means more than just delivering the question to learners. It means embedding the essence of it into their imaginations. It’s about inflaming feelings and creating a desire to see the challenge met or the problem solved by innovative and effectual methods. The Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion helps you build the perfect questions for making it happen.


What’s Inside the Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion?

The Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion features everything in our free EQ Guidebook and includes:

  • Even MORE tips for understanding essential questions—powerful tips, guidelines, and helpful charts and examples to get you on your way with understanding essential questions.
  • 3 exciting editable tools for building and grading your EQs—use the EQ Builder and the EQ Activities to build and refine your questions. Then run them through the EQ Matrix for a quick assessment and see how they stack up. You can do it all right inside the editable fields in the guide; no need for printing anything off.
  • Fluency EQs—full charts of questions for teaching and understanding the Essential Fluencies and Global Digital Citizenship.

A Whole Lot for a Little

The new Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion is a premium resource available with a subscription to a Teacher Professional account on the Solution Fluency Activity Planner. If you’re already on the Planner with us you can also access it with a simple and inexpensive upgrade. It’s easy, and here’s how you do it.

Now there’s an even better way to knock your essential questions out of the park and keep bringing meaningful learning to your classrooms. Check out the Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion today!


Get the Essential Questions Teacher’s Companion

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