5 Awesome Social Media Activities for the Modern Classroom

by | Dec 22, 2017

Classrooms have come a long way from the days of a simple blackboard with chalk. There are a variety of digital resources that are used in a classroom, from smart boards to personal tablets for the children. Teachers can even use some social media activities to teach and share information in this modern age. Social media has taken on a real presence in modern digital classrooms. Using it as a learning resource connects with students in ways traditional instruction can’t.

Here are some of the best social media activities for a classroom to use.

Tweet As A Class

The kids will get a big kick out of this one. Use Twitter to send out daily updates on what the kids are learning in class. You can assign a different child every day to write out the Tweet of the Day. You could have them work out what they want to say in a group to make it a team-building exercise. This is also a good practical digital citizenship lesson on what is appropriate to say on Twitter.

Find even more Twitter ideas in the free Twitter-Tastic Teacher’s Guide from the Global Digital Citizen Foundation.


Class Instagram Account

This is similar to Twitter but with photos. You can use Instagram to post pictures of science experiments, group projects, or anything else the kids are working on in class. Anything done in art class is perfect to showcase on this forum. It creates a picture-based record of their year at school that they can look back on for years to come. Also, it’s a great way to work on building student portfolios.


YouTube a Show

Students love to perform, and putting their projects up on a class YouTube channel can give parents and other relatives a chance to seen them shine. You can do this with podcasts, reports, and other interview-type shows. Even a weekly “newscast” of things that are going on in school can make for an interesting YouTube clip.

Work With Periscope

These two social media apps allow videos to be streamed live. Periscope can be done in real time, so it’s best for a longer presentation-type assignment. In addition you can tweet that your class is going to be on Periscope and the kids will get a kick out of how many “likes” they get.

Create a Class Website

Have the kids write blog posts to have on the website. This gives them a chance to practice their writing skills. They will be proud to show their parents what is going on in the classroom. Check out this article that features 7 great tools for easily building websites. There are also some terrific blogging tools to be found inside this free Tools for Teachers Writing Guide.

There are some other contenders on the scene that are worth checking out. Each is designed to make creating class websites easy and entertaining. Try these out:

Social media is a fact of life in this modern world. Most kids now who are in school grew up with the World Wide Web as a means of communication. They are familiar and comfortable with digital technology. Teaching them the skills to use it to their benefit is a great lesson to provide when using social media activities in the classroom.

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