The GDCF Comedy Break Episode 3: Online Training in the Star Wars Universe

by | Dec 11, 2015

I’m a Star Wars fan for life, and also a big supporter of online learning. How often do you get to talk about both of those things in the same breath? Exactly—never. So for the GDCF Comedy Break Episode 3, this one seemed like just too much fun to pass up. This infographic was produced by Mindflash. I had forgotten all about it until recently. It still gives me a giggle, and also makes me think about just how far the concept of “learning” has come.

The opportunities for online learning we can choose from today are too bountiful to mention. They are a hallmark of the modern digital age. From Kahn Academy to to and more, you and your students have your pick of the litter for personal online education.

But think back to 1977, when a little film called Star Wars first fired the imaginations of millions. Ahead of its time as it was, still it could never have predicted the future as we know it today. That said, the current tools we have for online learning could certainly have helped out our friends from “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

I will forever love Mindflash for coming up with this unique, entertaining, and ultimately enlightening infographic for us to both remember back and look ahead with.



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