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Case Study 3

Nothing engages kids in learning like giving them a chance to play around, and when you add creativity and critical thinking you really give them a chance to shine like never before.

This is exactly what Jaimie Powers of GEMS Dubai American Academy did with her students when she asked them to use the Fluencies to create their own original games—and the results were spectacular.

The idea of playing to learn is a sure-fire way to get kids’ attention for achieving truly inspired learning. Add creativity and critical thinking and you’d be surprised what your students can come up with. This is the experience of Jaimie Powers, a Phys Ed teacher at GEMS Dubai American Academy.

“Imagine you walk outside to the playground and all of the equipment and toys are all gone,” she told her students in her Fluency-based learning scenario. “Your goal is to create a game that you can play only using four pieces of equipment.” And that’s where all the fun started.

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“As we developed the idea we made it into a two-week lesson, and as time went on we added more elements to the project” Jaimie recalls. “Students are truly collaborating and sharing ideas as well as exploring different options that we would never have thought about in any PE class we taught previously.”

The games will be tried by other students as the lesson progresses. All in all, she couldn’t have been more pleased with her students’ achievements. “The next steps are to continue with the Fluencies and slowly start adding them into all grade levels,” she claims.

My experience working with Lee Watanabe-Crockett was very informative. When working with him one on one it was great to get his feedback and perspective on how to take the Fluency that I am working on and use some ideas that would help me carry it out even more.

Jaimie Powers

GEMS Dubai American Academy

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