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Case Study 5

Our young learners care about the planet they live on and all the unique people they share it with. The second-grade students of GEMS DAA’s Lindsay Doughty are no different.

This is the story of how her students used Solution Fluency to tackle the issue of world hunger—and learned about leadership, compassion, and feeding the world one seed at a time.

When we give our learners the freedom to express their concerns about the world, they can surprise us in every way. GEMS DAA’s Lindsay Doughty wanted to give her students a challenge they could focus on that would let them do just that.

She began by asking her learners to consider what they thought were today’s most pressing global problems. They settled on the issue of world hunger, and ambitiously decided they wanted to teach others how to grow their own food.

young town classroom 2

“They came up with the idea of educating people on how to grow crops that would survive in the climate they live in,” Lindsay explains. “They could pass the information along to larger groups of people so we would reach a bigger population.”

Using Solution Fluency in a cross-curricular approach, they placed all their findings into highly creative multimedia presentations that wowed everybody, especially Lindsay. “This project allowed them to explore the details of other communities, and in turn appreciate what they currently have,” she says.


I knew I wanted to start using the Fluencies as soon as I heard Lee’s presentation at our school. He has been helpful since Day 1. Everything he said made so much sense! 

LIndsay Doughty

GEMS Dubai American Academy

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