Healthy Classrooms Need Daylight and Fresh Air [Infographic]

by | May 7, 2017

Healthy classrooms are environments in which young minds can flourish. It’s a little room in which teachers and learners spend much of their days, so it’s crucial that the physical environment is made as conducive to wellness and progress as the mental and emotional environments are. Treated as a rich and fertile soil, a healthy classroom can give rise to some great moments in teaching and learning. After all, there’s nothing like a dark and stuffy classroom to stifle productivity.

This infographic from Whitesales has got it right. It’s called The Importance of Daylight and Fresh Air in the Classroom. It profiles the distinct advantages of having plenty of circulation and sunshine in our classrooms. Two vital things our bodies need to survive and thrive, they’re free and easy to come by (relatively speaking), and depending on a classroom’s design they can be used to the full healthful benefit of teachers and students.

Here’s what the post on eLearning Infographics had to say about the necessities of making natural light and clean fresh air a regular part of the school day regimen:

“A comfortable workplace makes for a happier, more productive workforce. The same can also be said for schools, colleges and universities. After all, if the environment in which your find yourself on a near enough daily basis is unpleasant, how can you be expected to perform to the best of your abilities? The learning environment itself has an extremely important part to play in the overall satisfaction of teachers and pupils alike. Insufficient natural light and poor air circulation can have a detrimental effect on our concentration levels, and impact our health and wellbeing, too.”

We couldn’t agree more. Make sure your healthy classrooms stay that way with lots of fresh air and sunshine—and watch your learners grow.

The Importance of Daylight and Fresh Air in the Classroom Infographic
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