How Do Digital Portfolios Help Students

A digital portfolio is already spoken out by many students. Supporters of this innovation argue that this is an exceptionally useful service for all students. So, what is it and how can it help? 

Student Digital Portfolio is a service that allows students to manage their academic and personal achievements. With it, you can track educational, sports, creative, and even social success.

What useful functions do digital portfolios perform? 

  1. The student has a convenient opportunity to track and analyze their achievements in educational activities. 
  2. Awards and successes that are recorded in the digital portfolio will remain there forever. Thus, you cannot be afraid that this data may be lost as is the case with print media. 
  3. It is easier for a school graduate to collect documents and apply for admission to the chosen university. This saves time and effort not only for the future student but also for university staff who scan and analyze the applicant’s progress. 
  4. Parents can also track their child’s progress and note what they are doing better and what needs to be worked on. 
  5. Teachers have the opportunity to adjust the educational material to focus on what the student is not doing well enough.

The following information is included in the digital portfolio: 

  • Diplomas of the winner of academic competitions; 
  • Victory in competitions of national importance; 
  • Participation in scientific conferences; 
  • Any sports achievements; 
  • Volunteering; 
  • Letters of recommendation from supervisors, teachers, etc.

All student data in the digital portfolio are securely protected. Access to them can only be obtained by certain organizations, such as universities and schools, or those who are granted access by the child or parents.

Digital Portfolio Features

A candidate who has a successful digital portfolio that demonstrates high achievements and acquired skills will be in demand all over the world in highly paid positions. Millennials need a digital portfolio to showcase their talents and find like-minded people. In today’s world, resumes and e-portfolios help students stand out from the crowd.

To create a good first impression with employers, the student should consider adding reflections of the work done to their portfolio. This will give a clear idea of ​​​​a person’s readiness for new difficulties. Therefore, just a large number of achievements does not guarantee that such a student will be able to effectively solve the pressing problems of the modern world.

Modern technologies allow any student to easily use multimedia tools to set up a digital portfolio. Another important thing is to create unique portfolios showing presentations using text, sound, images, and video to present yourself to a university committee or employer.

A digital portfolio is one of the best inventions in education. To create a first-class digital portfolio, its author will need to spend a lot of time and effort. However, the result of such work will exceed all expectations. It depends on the student’s desire whether they will be able to use their childhood achievements in the future.