Improving Creativity: 9 Ways to Make it Happen [Infographic]

by | Apr 18, 2017

Improving creativity is a lifetime pursuit and one that will serve learners well beyond school. We are living in an age in which artistic appeal is now fundamental to any product’s success on the market. Exceptional art and design inspire and entice us like nothing else can.

That’s where Creativity Fluency comes in. It is the process of using artistic proficiency to add meaning to a product through design, art, and storytelling. It is about using innovative design to add value to the function of a product through its form.

Creativity Fluency is a process designed to uncover that artistic nature in all of us. Even those who don’t believe they are creative can learn how to be using the 5Is of Creativity Fluency—Identify, Inspire, Interpolate, Imagine, and Inspect.

That’s right: you can learn to be creative. That sentiment is echoed in this article from Spirit Button, How to be More Creative. They include this nifty infographic featured below that shows you 9 useful ways of improving creativity.


Improving Creativity is Possible for Everyone

In the spirit of Creativity Fluency, here’s what the article had to say about addressing the incorrect assumption of creativity only being the gift of a select few:

“We are not doomed to a life of creative inhibition … the latest research is slowly proving that creativity is a skill that can be developed and a process that can be facilitated by doing certain things. We can learn to be creative by experimenting, exploring, questioning assumptions, using imagination and synthesizing information.”

So toss out the old belief of some people simply being born creative, and some not. You and your learners can begin taking steps to improving creativity today with these 9 simple tricks.

Source: Spirit Button



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