ReImagining Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

Case Study 1

Is one life more important than another? Is my life more valuable than yours? What sort of support do we need to thrive and grow? These were the questions facing the Year 3 students of teacher Kim Denny at Lindisfarne School.

This is the story of how her students used Solution Fluency to look beyond their own lives and take powerfully creative initiatives to show us all that across the city or the globe, we are all still family.

Learning is personal, and for it to take place it has to have relevance to the learner. This idea was foremost on the mind of Kim Denny, a teacher at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School, as she considered what kind of solutions-based project would really reach her young Year 3 learners.

Her goal was to incorporate the 6Ds of Solution Fluency to take her kids on a journey of exploring the true value of human life by looking through someone else’s eyes, and to become inspired to help those less fortunate by giving them opportunities to better their lives.

young town classroom 2

Their idea was to raise funds with their own “farm shop” by selling produce from both their shared garden and from the generous donations of the wider community. Rather fittingly, they called their shop “World Bloom.” The money they raised went to lending funds to entrepreneurs in third world countries.

In the end, Kim and her Year 3 students could reflect with pride on what they were able to achieve together. “Being able to giving back to the global community is awesome, but it also allowed a greater understanding to appreciate the quality of life we take for granted,” Kim says.

I applied to be a “champion of change” within my school environment, and was selected along with 19 others. I then attended a professional development workshop which Lee Watanabe-Crockett led and I was hooked—it was so creative and different.

Kim Denny

Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School

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