The Best Online Math Games for Students That Hate Math

by Apr 13, 2018

Lots of students claim to hate math. It’s not a new thing for a math teacher to hear. That’s the point at which the teacher makes a choice. Do they continue to let the haters hate? Or do they find a way to make their subject more interesting? Thankfully, the majority of teachers will always choose the latter. As for how they do it, the ways are many and diverse. Students love playing games, so what about online math games?


The online math games collected here are from all over the Web, and come from people from all walks of life. We’re talking teachers, parents, hobbyists—you name it. These could even be people who found math difficult themselves.

Such individuals will always look for ways to make it fun and useful for those of us who don’t like it. Now you can explore the fruits of their labours below.

17 Inspirations for Online Math Games

  1. Science Kiddo has a great lesson using Lego to teach place value
  2. Playdough to Plato has an idea for an activity that will have kids eating up geometry
  3. Try out sandwich fractions to get kids understanding fractions and eating right
  4. has a list of Common Core math games here using Minecraft
  5. Get kids moving and learning with games like Add it Up
  6. Students can learn math and telling time with a game like Just a Minute!
  7. Here are some great math money games to try with students
  8. Halloween can be a learning adventure with games like Spooky Sums Math
  9. Get creative with some math activities using Play-Doh
  10. Card games like Exponent Battle make learning math a breeze
  11. Kids can explore and collect knowledge on a math scavenger hunt
  12. Here’s a great way to incorporate Instagram into math class
  13. Check out KenKenPuzzle for some unique brain-building math challenges
  14. Skunk can be played in either small or large groups for learning math
  15. Turn your classroom into a game show for teaching math concepts
  16. Connect with the sports fans in your class using Fantasy Football for math
  17. Learn while exploring the cosmos using Space Math by NASA

Sites to Explore for Online Math Games


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