ReImagining Parap Primary School

Case Study 3

Lisa Doyle of Parap Primary School knows just how important it is for her gifted students to realize that learning is an authentic lifelong journey, not just an end-of-the-semester destination. With the help of Solution Fluency, Lisa showed her students their gifts and the paths they could lead them on in a whole new light by letting them take the lead. This is their story.

Learning is an authentic lifelong process, one that happens in the moment—a journey both for living and for life, and Lisa Doyle, a special education teacher at Parap Primary School, knows this well. “Some of my gifted students carried a burdened sense of I am gifted, what does that mean,” Lisa says.

“Some of the kids used to say that giftedness was their curse.” Lisa used Solution Fluency to show her students how to see their gifts and the paths they could lead them on in a whole new light.

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Lisa entered her students into the Tournament of Minds, a problem-solving program for international schools. “Solution Fluency became our lifeline—I could not offer any help or ideas at all, but we could still talk about where they were in their journey of solving their problem,” she recalls.

Her team ended up winning their division for ToM and will represent the NT in Adelaide next, and now there’s no stopping them. “They are beginning to understand that learning doesn’t come from a place of doing but from a place of being in the moment and trusting the process,” says Lisa.

Lee Watanabe-Crockett has been very supportive in this process. He came to the school and presented at a whole-staff professional development day—this allowed us to get a good understanding of what Solution Fluency was all about, and he gave us the tools to start using it in the classroom.

Lisa Doyle

Parap Primary School

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