ReImagining Parap Primary School

Case Study 2

When “Alfie the Alien” landed at Parap Primary School, he wanted to learn about family. Sue Bishop’s Year 1 learners didn’t hesitate, and took the little visitor in as one of their very own.

Learn all about how Sue’s students used Solution Fluency to both teach and learn about family, food, and fellowship alongside their brand new extraterrestrial honour student.

Without family and the bonds it represents, our lives are lonelier and less enriching. The Year 1 learners of Parap Primary School were faced with a compelling challenge—their teacher Susan Bishop wanted them to use Solution Fluency to consider how they would explain the idea of family to a visitor from another planet.

“Alfie the Alien landed in the Year 1 classes in Term 2 asking what is family? He started off wanting to know about families and how they work,” Sue explains. Students ended up taking photos of Alfie and documenting his stay at their homes along with everything they learned together.

young town classroom 2

After poor Alfie was diagnosed with a nut and egg allergy, the Year 1 learners stepped up to the task to learn even more. They used Solution Fluency to create restaurant dioramas and menus that were egg- and nut-free. The students also showed a lot of creative diversity in many other project ideas about Alfie.

As Alfie the Alien said his goodbyes, Sue and her Year 1 students looked back with pride on their journey. “The most significant benefit of this process is that all of my students have achieved some form of success in each lesson,” Sue reflects. She plans to continue using Solution Fluency as much as she can in her practices.


My class enjoys the whole process of the 6Ds; they enjoy working in groups and are really good at delegating the roles of each member and also keeping each other on task. The language and the skills used throughout the Solution Fluency process are so rich and meaningful.

Susan Bishop

Parap Primary School

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