Nobody’s got better professional learning ideas than teachers like you. So the gang here at the Global Digital Citizen Foundation is calling on your wisdom and expertise to make something great even better. We are pleased to announce that we’re developing content for a brand new professional learning section of the Solution Fluency Activity Planner. The best news is that we want to get our topic ideas directly from you!

Professional Learning Ideas Come From Pros Like You

We’re very excited about this cool new professional learning resource for teachers all over the world. Users of the Solution Fluency Activity Planner have been waiting for it for awhile, and now the magic is finally happening. It’s your ideas and suggestions we’ll be using to build learning opportunities for this new section. We know you’ve got them, and we want to hear about what you want to see.

How it Works

To make it super-convenient, we’ve created a short survey that you sign up to submit. It’s short and sweet, and features surveys for professional learning ideas like:

  • Assessment
  • PBL and Inquiry Learning
  • Digital Citizenship
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Tech Tools (like Google Apps)

We also want to hear what other topics for professional learning ideas you have in mind. Your suggestions will be turned into top-quality online courses everyone can benefit from. Take the survey now and let us know what you think.

We’re Looking Forward to Hearing From You

Because of your suggestions, professional learning is about to get a big boost. You’ve helped us build a community based on innovative inquiry- and project-based learning through the Solution Fluency Activity Planner. Professional learning ideas for the global network you’re a part of will make it that much better.

So take the survey and give us your input—professional development greatness awaits!


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