A whole-school vision and coached transformation program

Turning Professional Learning Into Professional Transformation
(you’ll be high-fiving people for days)

Clarity & Unity

Clear communication, and a deeply united vision of the future and how it can be accomplished

Accessibility & Flexibility

A process that’s adaptable to differentiated needs, delivered with minimum complexity

Scalability & Sustainability

Daily practice with positivity, and a goal of making transformation seamless and joyful


Transparency & Accountability

Sharing progress and challenges, collaborating to achieve measured success in a supportive environment


Use these key points to unlock your school’s true potential.

A Process That’s Worked with Schools Around the World
(wash, rinse, repeat)


Getting everyone on board with a common unified vision and figuring out where you are, where you want to be, and how you’ll get there.

Professional Learning

Developing new skills and mindsets to carry you and your team forward together in harmony and positivity.


Taking those new skills and mindsets and putting them into practice, and making them a habitual part of the journey forward.


Maintaining a solid system of mutual support and responsibility in which everyone stays connected and contributes to progress.


Repeat as necessary! This 5-step cyclical process ensures that, no matter what, you are always striving to meet challenges head-on with confidence.

When is the best time to start this process? (Hint: now.)


It’s Alright to Have Fun Learning New Things
(and have cool toys too)


Solution Fluency
Activity Planner

A global collaborative resource for great project- and inquiry-based learning

Global PLC, Training
& Presentations

Online courses, training videos, webinars, and live or virtual presentations


Administrative features to help you keep your team aligned and inspired

Global Digital
Citizenship Program

Resources, lessons, and presentations for developing digital citizenship skills

With these tools, your school is your playground, and learning is recess.

Sometimes, People Say the Nicest Things!

“I’ve seen and heard many keynotes in my many years, and yours rates at the top of the list! Excellent, engaging, and spot on. Thank you for that—can’t wait to read your book. Thank you for the excellent work you do!”

Barbara Z.

“Lee’s positive and thought-provoking presentations were a hit at our conference. A polished presentation with excellent content and stunning visuals sparked our interest and really established the mood for the day.”

Deb V.

“Excellent pace, breadth, and content. We have been hearing for years about why we need to change what we are doing in our schools, but we have never been presented with such a comprehensive how!

NZ Participant

“Excellent workshop! My principal and colleagues are already working to integrate the Fluencies, and to introduce them to the rest of staff!”

Workshop Participant

See ReImagine Firsthand!

Let Lee Watanabe Crockett, creator of ReImagine, guide you through the features and benefits in your own personal walkthrough of the program.

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