Premium Features

Administrative features to help you keep
your team aligned and inspired

With ReImagine, you’ll find the perfect leadership features built right in.

Learning Plans

Learning plans designed to suit the subjects and grades of any specific teacher. Learning plans are PBL-based and ready for the classroom. View any of the plans being used, and edit and comment on them anytime.


Take advantage of features that show you what courses your teams are taking and what training they’ve completed online. A heat-map shows you what learning sessions were watched or repeatedly viewed.

View PLCs, Comments &
Receive Reports

Check out the communities your team members belong to, and view the comments they are making on unit plans to support their fellow educators. Call for custom reports to track your team’s PD progress, too.

See ReImagine Firsthand!

Let Lee Crockett, creator of ReImagine, guide you through the features and benefits in your own personal demo walkthrough of the program.

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