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If there’s one thing kids care about, it’s protecting and conserving the global environment. The Grade 9 science students of Dionne Douglas at GEMS Dubai American Academy are living proof.

Learn from their success with using Solution Fluency what it takes to create ingenious solutions to the problems that really matter—to you, to me, and to the entire world.

The Environmental Solutions Fluency science projects from GEMS Dubai American Academy’s Grade 9 learners are shining examples of the ingenuity and mindfulness today’s students can show when it comes to making our world a better place. Teacher Dionne Douglas can speak from experience, as her students wowed her with their ideas.

“Students were challenged to think about their choices and how they affected the Earth,” explains Dionne. “They worked in groups to examine the choices they make on a daily basis such as their transportation, the food that they eat, and even the clothes that they wear.” What they learned served as the catalyst for inspired action.

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Once they reflected on these choices, the learners’ task was to incorporate Solution Fluency into designing and delivering a solution to a chosen problem and, of course, debriefing their journey. As the work progressed, Dionne noticed the solutions students were coming up with were quite sophisticated, and that they were eager to implement them.

The next steps for Dionne and the students at DAA are just as ambitious as their environmental solutions. They plan to implement school-wide initiatives to inspire other students in their district and all over the world to make more environmentally conscious choices for the benefit of everyone across the globe.

Working with Lee during our professional development was truly inspirational. He really grasps education and the role of the teacher in creating the space and opportunity to draw out the creative side of our students.

Dionne Douglass

GEMS Dubai American Academy

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