ReImagining Melrose High School

Case Study 3

Teaching is the art of connecting to the heart and mind, and teaching the universal language of dance enriches both in equal measure—just ask Lucy Sedlacek, a dance teacher at Melrose High School.

Learn in this case study how her students used the Essential Fluencies along with the power of dance for giving creative voice to original advertisements for their own product ideas.

Teaching is about connecting to the hearts and minds of students, and Melrose dance teacher Lucy Sedlacek knows this well. She challenged the hearts and minds of her own students to incorporate the universal language of dance into creative advertisements for original products of their own design.

“Ads surround us everywhere in a variety of sources,” Lucy reminded learners. “Some are interesting and thought-provoking, while others are easily forgotten.” The challenge was using dance to develop a unique piece of advertising, and to come up with a new product the ad promoted.

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With the Fluencies as their guiding processes, Lucy’s learners became the stars of their own TV-style ads and proved just how much passion and ingenuity the art of dance can help them express. “I received a number of awesome adverts promoting things from lipstick to chocolate which was a lot of fun,” recalls Lucy.

Using the Fluencies, Lucy has been able to encourage her learners to explore what they choose and in the process they have been able to teach her about what matters to them. “The results have been amazing,” she says. “The work that students are creating is so unique and creative.”

Lee Watanabe-Crockett has provided teachers with support and encouragement from the beginning. From our initial presentation through to Expos and Thinking Carnivals, Lee has been a part of our journey.

Lucy Sedlacek

Melrose High School

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